“Your Old Standby is a true throw back album; very likable.” - Richard Thompson


The Scott Brannon Band is highly regarded for their style of traditional bluegrass music. Formed in 1995, Scott Brannon is the group's lead singer and guitar player. Current band members are Tracey Dent Rohrbaugh on mandolin, Kevin Roop on banjo, Jack Leiderman on fiddle and renowned bluegrass entertainer Jerry McCoury on bass.

Scott's latest release, "Your Old Standby" on Patuxent Records, features the likes of Michael Cleveland, Lloyd Douglas, David McLaughlin, Tracey Rohrbaugh, Marshall Wilborn, and Tom Mindte, and, at the heart of it all lies the clear, effortless vocals of Scott Brannon.

Jerry McCoury, Tracey Rohrbaugh, Scott Brannon, Kevin Roop, Jack Leiderman